amitamin® immun360 + Cranberry-Boosts Immune System Naturally-From Germany (30 Days Supply)

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  • Contains more Vitamin C than 1,5 kilograms of Oranges
  • Boosts Internal Immune System
  • Promotes Cardiovascular & Respiratory Health
  • All Natural Ingredients from Germany

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Boost Immune System Naturally! (30 Days Supply)

Adequate intakes of vitamins and trace elements are required for the immune system to function efficiently. Only when these micro nutrients are sufficiently available for your body, your internal immune system will work properly. However, the immune system can be worn down by illness, by toxins and pollution in the air, by unhealthy produce, by stress, by bacteria, and even by exercise and physical exertion. More and more vitamins and trace elements are used by your immune system. Also alcohol, cigarettes, taking pharmaceutical drugs will lead to an increased demand of vitamins and micro nutrients. With increasing age, you will need more vitamins as well. We developed amitamin® immun360 + Cranberry to support your immune functions all year round with the important micro nutrients. In fact, amitamin® immun360 + Cranberry contains all important vitamins. These five points make amitamin® immun360 + Cranberry so valuable and superior to all other immune products we know:

  • Contains more vitamin C than 1,5 kilograms of oranges!
  • Contains all vitamins!
  • Contains the most important trace elements and amino acids!
  • Contains concentrated polyphenols (OPC) from cranberries and pine bark extract!
  • Does not contain fillers or sweeteners. Just the maximum pure micronutrient power in four capsules!
  • While amitamin® immun360 + Cranberry contains all vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and two plant extracts (Cranberry extract and Pine bark extract) in high dosages, it does NOT contain unnecessary fillers or artificial sweeteners. It is lactose free, free from GMO and suitable for diabetics.

Recommended Dosage Take four capsules daily with a glass of water before a meal. amitamin® immun360 + Cranberry is generally very easy to tolerate. If you feel any complications arise in tolerating the product, please split the daily dose of four capsules into two doses of 2 capsules each. The product is suitable for long-term use and can be taken continuously all year around. Micronutrients are essentially required and consumed by the body on a daily basis. A long-term intake is therefore recommended. If you want to support your immune system at a particular time of the year, you should start taking amitamin® immun360 + Cranberry at least two months before this period and until the end of the season.

  • amitamin® immun360 + Cranberry contains iodine. Should you suffer from thyroid over activity (hyperthyroidism), please consult your physician before starting to take the product.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose of four capsules per day.
  • Due to the vitamin B2 content, a yellow colouring of the urine may occur. This is not dangerous at all.
  • The vitamin C contained in amitamin® immun360 + Cranberry may lead to increased bowel movement
  • Food supplements should not be used as a replacement for a varied and balanced diet. Please observe a healthy lifestyle.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Please store the product in a cool and dry place.

Package Content: 107 g / 120 Capsules.

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Made in Germany

amitamin® immun360 + Cranberry-Boosts Immune System Naturally-From Germany (30 Days Supply)

$39.95 $53.00